Some Important jQuery Tips and Tutorials for Web Designers

In today’s time, Internet is one of the most commonly used and preferred medias. And the world of internet media is growing at a fast pace as the number of websites and web pages are increasing day by day. With advance in technology, today there are such solutions available which help in creating web pages easily. Javascript is one of the most popular string-based programming platforms which is used for writing codes. The most amazing thing about Javascript is that it can be used to create anything from a simple calculating program to a complex website.

Javascript consists of other smaller sub applications. The sub applications are known as libraries and have different uses. Jquery is one of the most popular Javascript libraries used today. One of the reasons why it is so popular is because it emphasizes on better graphic presentations and ease of use.

Jquery is an open source program, that is, it allows developers to add their own plug-ins or to tweak the application as per their own requirement. Mentioned below are 15 important jQuery tips and tutorials for web designers.

jQuery Tips

1. Add plug-ins: jQuery provides even easier code handling and designing as compared to JavaScript. With the help of some additional plug-ins, you can create a visually appealing website in no time. Jquery is written in such a way that it allows users to add other additional software to it. Also, the plug-ins can be used in a number of ways.

2. Use the latest version: jQuery was launched in 2006, and it is updated regularly. It has enhanced its efficiency and usability.  Always use the most recent version to get better performance.

3. Make use of cheat sheet: It is not only difficult to memorize all the codes, but it also takes a lot of time. This is why it is always better to use cheat sheets. With the help of cheat sheets, you can make the coding easier and faster.

4. Use jQuery every time: jQuery is an effective tool which provides convenience, efficiency and superb layouts and designs. Also, the way it is being used by web designers, it is certainly going to dominate the world wide web in future.

5. Add interactivity: With this powerful tool, you can not only create and design a graphic based website, but it can also be sued to create animation. You can also use it along with CSS, PHP and HTML to create any type of online media like polls, forums etc.

6. Keep looking for other tutorials: It also offers many tutorials and  how to’s for users. Also, there are many other sites which provide helpful jQuery tricks.

Some good tutorials of jQuery

1. jQuery tutorial by Cody Lindlay: This tutorial provides basic commands used in jQuery. It helps the reader to figure out what happens when a command is used. It shows the effects that a command produces.

2. Rounded Corners: This is a helpful tutorial by and provides a detailed step-by-step instructions on how to create boxes with round edges.

3. Creating Chatroom: With the help of this tutorial you can create a chatroom using jQuery and PHP together. The tutorial also provides the codes for both platforms.

4. Setup Input masks for forms: This tutorial tells you how to make sure that the  format of a required field in a form should be inputted. It uses a mask and shows the audience how to type information correctly.

5. Image cross fade transition: This tutorial helps designers to add the cross-fading transition to pictures.

6. Dynamic text resizing: This tutorial gives tips of different processes and how to use the code in a ‘clean’ way.

7. Image cropping using Jcrop: This plug-in enables a web application to have the picture cropping ability.

8. jQuery 1.2.6 Online Cheat Sheet: It displays everything the user needs and gives detailed information  on every topic.

9. Background image animations: It tells you how to animate background images.


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