Top 7 Promising Ecommerce Trends of 2013

eCommerce websites have done particularly well in the recent past to get maximum headcounts, check out their products and ask for more. eCommerce packages have been brought right into the trunk of the consumer’s car. The number is increasing everyday offering competitive prices and varieties to online shopaholics. If recent figures are to be believed, about 48% people come searching the Internet on a mobile device, paving way for mobile commerce to be one of the hottest eCommerce trends in 2013.

As if this was not enough, mobile tablets came out from nowhere raging their way into the eCommerce industry driving tremendous amount of traffic, slightly poking the online retailers to check their site’s compatibility. Quite clearly, consumer expectations have gone up with eCommerce changing its face everyday. It’s probably the right time for online retailers to embrace modern technology with their businesses to witness increased sales and revenue. Some foresee the invention of yet another exclusive search engine for eCommerce. Let’s see how far this goes.

Meanwhile, let’s have a look at the top 7 promising eCommerce Trends of 2013 –

1. Touch based commerce

The sudden explosion of touch based devices like tablets and smartphones would mean increased purchases from online shopping and other eCommerce sites. The user interface would keep on making tweaks, adding value to the overall shopping experience. This would be like a golden period for eCommerce platforms as they would have a lot to explore while they bloat their sales numbers.

2. Region/Location based commerce

With eCommerce becoming niche oriented, local commerce will be back in trend in 2013. People would expect to find services that are locally available online and several eCommerce platforms would have to tighten their seat belts ahead of the challenge. With this trend, people will be able to find local services at their desk and avail them with ease. Mobile technology will be used widely for shopping and making payments. Area/location based deals are expected to arrive back soon into fashion, needless to mention the use of Google Wallet and Passbook leading the way.

3. Product development via demand

Upcoming trends signal increased usage of social media coming into picture. This will help online retailers gain access to real time reviews and demands of consumers, based on like/follow data. Brands can make use of such analytics and create services/ products based on consumer demand.

4. Customization of products and services

The coming year calls for mass-customization. Personalization would take place, consumers will be able to access different niches via independent online retailers that are not yet found over the Internet. Considering the taste and choice of the consumer, retailers will direct them towards relevant products or services that are likely to please them in every possible way.

5. Tremendous use of video

Let’s call it video commerce. This trend has been and will be one of the most prominent trends in eCommerce industry. In the past, many eCommerce platforms looked apprehensive using videos on their sites, however, with increased Internet speed, they are able to drive their consumers into unperturbed browsing experience. This would work in the favor of online retailers and in this manner they will be able to have a greater impact on their consumers.

6. Content (still the king)

As in the past, content will continue to rule the online industry. Shopping junkies would look up to fresh content to be able to trust the vendors. Outdated content or content that does not appeal would be overlooked. An online retailer should refrain from under-rating the web content for his/ her website.

7. Payment Ease

We talked about something called touch commerce before, which is directly related to the use of mobiles and tablets. One could expect consumers still making purchases from their smartphones, and hence there will be better payment facilities. Online retailers will now give consumers more choices to purchase and then make payments to make it smooth. Again, it’s gonna work in favor of eCommerce retailers.Now, the competition is going to be really nasty. Every eCommerce platform would try to keep its nose ahead. Same day delivery, friendly user-interface, provision of offers and other value-added services would be expected. And the one delivering all these would stand out from the bunch. Definitely, we are up for something next year… Watch out!


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