Experience the best with Android DayDream

Android is a framework which has been developed by Google Inc. The demand for Android OS has increased in today’s scenario due to its smart, sophisticated, robust and easy to use applications. Android has made a strong presence in the market when we talk about style, features and functionalities. Android operating system has given a neck to neck competition to Apple’s iPhone OS by providing variety of applications and is growing and moving towards the top position in the smart phone segment.

Android operating system comes in different versions. The latest one is Android version 4.2 called “Jelly Bean”. There is wide range of features supported and provided by this version. One such feature is: DayDream. DayDream provides interactive screen saver mode functionality. Your android phone will start day dreaming automatically when the phone is charging, idle or docked. This feature includes many functions such as video and audio play, clock, changing colors, images, Google news etc. You can use this feature to view your photos and remind your best moments of life. You can also view the latest news headlines on the screen.

There is a great option to view your favorite images. You can view them as a Slide Show or as a photo table which is a collage of your photos. This feature works very well if you have your pictures on Google or Picasa albums to view some or all of your photos and switch between them. Google Currents also use this DayDream feature to display most refreshing and live news and stories on a wall that can be slide easily.

Benefit of DayDream to Android developers

The DayDream feature has created wide range of opportunities for Android developers who want to develop different applications which will make use of this feature. This feature comes with DreamService Application Programming Interface (API) which will allow the developers to develop dynamic and rich applications which will attract and capture the users. It will help the development team to develop applications with entertainment and music features, rich and intuitive slide shows, news and weather posts and updates.

List of Android DayDream applications

1) Flipboard

It is widely used app which uses functionality of DayDream. Flipboard will display the articles or stories in random fashion. It will display images in full screen mode including the title and category of articles or stories. When you will touch or tap on any image, you will be migrated to the Flipboard app. The best functionality of this app is that it will allow you to view your Status bar but in a dimmed mode so that you can view the clock and other notifications and updates on your cell phone screen.

Clock Plus DayDream

This application provides excellent functionality. Along with the current date and time, it will also show missed calls, unread SMS, unread emails using different icons. This clock can be viewed in analog or digital format as per your choice. You can also choose “Night mode” to lighten or dim your screen. You can enable this feature by selecting Settings, then go to Display, then DayDream and then select Clock Plus.

3) Weather DayDream screen saver

This app will display the current time and the phone charging status. Below this, it will also display the current weather data of the selected location accompanied by next 3 days forecast below it. You can also select the temperature unit, Celsius or Fahrenheit. This app is available free of cost on Google Play store.

4) DayDream Quotes

This application displays all types of quotes in randomly generated fashion on your screen while it is in DayDream mode. There are two setting for this app:

  1. You can select the time delay between quotes, that is when you want your quotes to change
  2. You can also choose the text size to display the quotes.

This app is also available free of cost. Everyone must give a try to this wonderful app.

5) Website DayDream

This app allows you to display your favorite website on your cell phone screen when it is in docked or charging mode. It provides the facility to display the website in full screen mode in case of Android version 4.2 and higher. There are few options which you can adjust as per your requirement. You can set the desired website by typing it in the Address. There are other options where you want to display your desired website in full screen, make the page touchable so that it becomes interactive and there are some refresh settings also. You can select automatically refresh and there you also need to select the time interval for refreshing your website’s page.


DayDream supports wide range of applications which can be helpful to people in their day to day life.



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