Features of Modern.IE Testing Tool: A new launch of Microsoft

Developers have got a brand new way to express their testing skills with the launch of new testing utilities from the house of Microsoft. New range of modern.IE testing tools has been launched to discover various versions of Internet Explorer runs. In order to increase and dig deep in understanding user accessibility a new launch by Microsoft has been enabled.  With the sole aim to make better ways in old and modern browser experience, modern.IE testing tool is important.

Some of the best known modern.IE testing tools:

  • ‘Virtual Test tools’ are used extensively by developers. This utility is a great way to test a website’s capacity to be cross-browsed. This testing tool is regarded as an ace tool. Microsoft has tied up with BrowserStack to ensure broad testing parameters with this tool. Developers are able to get free Virtual Machine(VM) images for VirtualBox, Hyper-V, VMware and Virtual PC which can be tested on Mac, Linux and Windows operating systems. Alliance with BrowserStack will enable a whole new world of possibilities as testers can go in for free testing. Microsoft Internet Explorer has earned a bad name for its low quality browser detection abilities. Virtual Test Tool is hoped to win back Microsoft in the browser usage race.
  • ‘Website Scanner’ is again a groundbreaking testing tool launched by Microsoft. Website codes can be tested by developers for all versions of IE browsers. This feature is necessary for tracking and fixing all potential problems faced by browsers. Any problems relating to responsive web design patterns, CSS, Javascript conflicts or compatibility issues are solved immediately, all thanks to website scanner modern.IE tool. This tool acts as a page analysis tool which includes checking page design, content, backend codes and libraries supporting websites. This tool supports action on other browsers as well.
  • ‘Code with Standards’ is a developer guideline that helps website building easier while maintaining all web standards. Coders will be able to check out tips needed for building modern websites or upgrading older versions of IE.
  • Microsoft has gone a step further this time by announcing to work directly with coders whenever it detects any site-specific problems turning up. There are several website related issues that are often not traced by the scanner/detection tool.
  • ‘Windows 8 new features’ enable touch browsing testing. This tool lets expecting capabilities of user actions in the browser. A touch-user will make his/her moves and the browser will be highly receptive in knowing the probably actions.
  • ‘Start Screen Site tile’ is an innovative modern.IE tool that lets developers get suggestions for newer ways of putting their website logo on Windows 8 Start Screen tile. Web users can vote for their favourite website and place it beside Windows Store apps. This is a great promotional tool besides being an innovation in website logo placement on Windows 8.
  • Fix problems relating to old and modern versions of Internet Explorer. ‘DocType markup code’ lets developers prompt browsers in expecting modern HTML5 and CSS3 platforms. ‘Docmodes’ are rated to become popular with developers yet again as it is an upgrade on previous versions. Earlier it was difficult to develop codes and write scripts on all modern browsers with previous docmodes forcing all internet explorer versions to act like IE8. Website performance would get affected earlier. But with the current Web standards docmode modern.IE testing tool developers can bring in advanced receptive qualities in the browser actions.
  • Detection, scanning and plug-in functions are some of the common tools used and tested by developers. Microsoft has gone into feedback and suggestion options via Tweeter. Availability and accessibility of Microsoft has led to a new dimension for features of modern.ie testing tool.

modern.IE is a way we can help move the web forward by making it easier to build innovative experiences with web standards like HTML5 & CSS3 while supporting older versions of IE.

modern.IE is an evolving project in BETA, built by a small group of passionate engineers and technical evangelists in Microsoft. We’ve spent a lot of time listening a lot to what you had to say about how you build for the web and specifically for Internet Explorer – in tweets, at conferences, on blogs.

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Share your thoughts on how we can improve modern.IE for you.

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