How Mobile Technology is helping online businesses to grow more?

The world is fast changing in the technological aspects and mobile technology lately is proving out to be the one-stop solution for meeting almost all human needs. There is an increasing demand for accessing business information through mobile applications in Apple iPhone, Google Android, Windows 7 Mobile, or Blackberry etc. The tremendous growth in mobile technology is prompting many business managers to properly position their firms in this arena in order to get benefited at the best in this trend. However, positioning a business properly on this platform is different from a personal affair as more complexity is involved in the types of information shared, ranging from providing access to presentations and documents, proper tracking of statistics, and the applications needed to perform different business intelligence functionality.

In the fast-growing information era, the outdated concept of having mobile access to the e-mail account is just insufficient based on the increasing need for being more productive and time saving. The proper integration of devices such as smart phones, tablets, laptops, PDAs etc. along with proper usage of various multi-platform compatible business software is needed for better collaboration of the workforce in order to achieve the desired objectives. Facilitating proper coordination of the staff, clients, vendors, and stakeholders through on-the-go applications is very essential.

Mobile technology does allow individuals to access the business data without getting gathered at any specific geographical location. Wherever your workforce is; in meetings, on sales calls, at the client site on other side of the globe, or working from home, the tech-edged mobile devices can help you to coordinate with all and control the process in order to meet the common objectives. For online businesses now, integration of the mobile technology is an inevitable move to be made in order to stay ahead in this highly competitive run.

The Functional Areas Where Mobile Technology Applies
Online businesses are now adopting the ways which are proving out to be effective in terms of increasing the overall productivity by saving a lot of time and effort. It is a fact that proper adaptation to this new-age technology will fade away the geographical boundaries and your business can grow to a truly global level. By understanding this potential, smart businessmen have already changed into this new mode of running business with the help of mobile technology.  During this transition, there are some key areas where mobile technology can really work wonders.

Networking & Communication

Mobile technology now allows the businesses to have unlimited and unrestricted connectivity with the employees, clients as well the vendors. A unique business application should be run on the personal mobile devices of all the stakeholders to keep connected to the business anytime anywhere. Real-time communication is of course a basic feature of any business mobile application and also proper networking between the channels can be made possible through a custom-designed mobile app. For your online business, this can in turn make sure efficient utilization of the staff work-hours, improve the customer care services, and also assure on-time marketing and product delivery. Some examples for the functionality of mobile business are;

  • Giving customer presentations real-time and enabling the network to them in order to get product information.
  • Submitting quotes and interactive order processing.
  • Remaining updated about the stock status on the go to meet realistic product delivery goals.
  • Keeping in touch with the colleagues while on move – receiving mails, real-time presentation support, arranging mobile conferences, tracking your team members, and timely delivery of reports.

Business Development

Being the fastest and most interactive mode of information sharing, doing business development through mobile technology can give you instant feedback on your product and services. An important factor for any business to stay ahead in the competition is proper research and development based on customer perception. With the speed and easy accessibility of mobile technology, R&D and product up-gradation can be made more effective.


There is no better mode than mobile technology to market your products and services now. This has really set forth a new dimension in global marketing of your business and simply eradicating the geographical boundaries. Not just through a promotional SMS, but people can get to know about your product/service features through websites, customized mobile apps, banner ads in apps, IVR messaging, QR codes, mobile social networking apps and many other advanced mobile technology features.

To sum up, it can be easily inferred that to survive in the highly competitive market place, there is no better way for your businesses now than getting properly molded to take advantage of the advancement in mobile technology.

So, what did you decide and why? We’d love to have a discussion!

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